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Fine Woodworking Project

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If you’re new to the wonderful world of wood and wanting to become a woodworker then we thought you might like a brief description and video.

Just What Exactly Is Woodworking?

Woodworking is a catch-all term that refers to a wide array of individual practices such as carving, molding, and shaping wood into various pieces. Woodcraft can include creating the most fundamental pieces of furniture like bookshelves or basic cabinets, to advanced techniques such as woodturning with a lathe that creates an intricate and finely shaped table or furniture legs.

In other words, what two people make can look completely different, yet as long as the main focus in both cases is working with pieces of wood and to transform them into something else, to create something new out of the original pieces they each accomplish the art of woodworking. There can even be a huge difference between the tools used as some people will use basic hand tools with virtually nothing battery powered or electric while other forms of working with wood require high-speed lathes and other automatic tools.

Whether the primary focus is simple children’s toys and different blocks, carving out solid wood baseball bats, or tackling the many various options that come with fine furniture woodworking, anyone wanting to learn how to work with wood will be amazed to see the sheer amount of choices that are available to them.

Top notch woodworking takes time, but it is a skill worth pursuing.

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